There is a lot of good software out there. These are some of the programs we use.

Open Source

Open source software is written by a community of people. The idea is that they will create something more useful and/or easier to use than the package software solutions.

Portable Apps: Portable Apps is a collection of programs usable from a thumb drive or other portable device. Portable Apps can be installed on a thumb drive or your local computer. It has an automatic install process and update feature for many programs, including many of the programs listed below. When installed on a thumb drive these programs can be run directly from the thumb drive without installing anything on the host computer.

Clam Anti-Virus for Windows: Clam-Win is a free anti-virus solution for Windows.

Libre Office: Libre Office is a very nice open source office package. Some people prefer this package over MS office.

Mozilla: Mozilla has several very nice programs including Firefox, one of the best browsers available, Thunderbird, one of the best e-mail clients, and Sunbird/Lightning, a calendar program.

Filezilla: Filezilla is a open source FTP Client and Server package available for Windows and Linux.

Audacity: Audacity is a wonderful audio recording and editing package.

CDEX: CDEX is a CD Ripping tool. Works very well. Reports errors.

7-Zip: 7-Zip is a file compression program supporting most compression types.

GIMP: GIMP stands for Graphics Image Manipulation Program. It does this very well.

PDF Creator: Sets up a print driver to create PDF files from anything you can print.

NMap: A network scanning program. Very useful for detecting holes in your networks security. Not for the faint of heart.

Putty: One of the best secure shell clients for Windows.

CentOS: CentOS is a complete Linux distribution.

WebMin: Webmin is a Server management suite for Linux.

Freeware / Shareware



Ad aware


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